neon nights Phosphorescent/Self-Luminous Neon Paint

Looking for accessories for your next art project or a stylish way to decorate your room? Then Germany's best-selling Neon Paints by neon nights are just what you're looking for! Become one of over 100,000 satisfied customers!


  • Uncompromising quality handcrafted in Germany
  • Charges under direct light sources and glows in the dark
  • Charges especially quickly under black light/ultra violet (UV) light
  • For use on walls, paper, stone, wood, and many other surfaces
  • The perfect accessory for art projects, DIY painting at home, black light theatres, murals and many other occasions
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • In two colors: Yellow-Green or Sky-Blue



  1. Be sure to stir the paint thoroughly before applying it, since the glowing pigments settle on the bottom of the pot.
  2. Apply at least 2 thick layers of paint, preferably on white primer for a clearer and brighter glow.
  3. Charge the colour under a direct light source and enjoy the glow of neon nights neon paint! We recommend black light/UV light for fast and intensive charging.

This paint is not to be used on skin or fabrics!

For neon paint for application on skin or fabric, click the respective categories

Each delivery contains 3,38 fl oz (100ml) of Glow in the Dark Paint by neon nights in the color you chose.